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Warm Dog Boots - Don't Leave Home Without Them!

If you live in an area where there’s snow and ice in the winter time and you walk your dog, you may want to consider putting some warm dog boots on him.  They aren’t just for keeping your dog’s feet warm, although that’s a nice side effect.  What they’re really meant for is protection from the effects of ice and salt on your dog’s pads.  Not only that, but have you ever seen the snow form little balls that get stuck in the pads?  This can cause a lot of pain for your dog.  Here’s what you should look for before buying any kind of dog boots.


  • Size: measure the width of your dog’s paw by putting it on a piece of paper and pressing down to mimic the width when the dog is walking.  Mark the widest points and then calculate this.  The size of your dog’s foot (for example, 1 inch) should be smaller than the size of the boot.


  • Fabric: make sure it’s designed for you and your dog’s needs.  If you need water-resistant boots, don’t get fleece.  If your dog will be primarily be walked on snow covered pavement, get a boot with a sole.  Evaluate your needs before shopping, and make sure to read descriptions in detail.


  • Attachment: look for Velcro straps to put the boots on your dog.  They won’t be used to them, and some dogs will balk at first, so you want an easy way to put the boots on and take them off.  A few days before using them outdoors for the first time, get your dog accustomed to the boots by putting them on for a few minutes at a time, increasing the time and activity until they stop trying to take them off.


  • Quality: you get what you pay for.  If warm dog boots are more expensive than you’d anticipated, you’re not alone.  They last a long time though if you buy a good quality set, so don’t skimp on the quality – or you may find yourself buying a new set every fall.


Whatever your needs are, you’ll be able to find many varieties of warm dog boots in whichever color, style or quality you want.  Visit our Dog Clothes page for links to the best stores to buy from – and at great prices too!


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