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Stuffed Toys for Dogs Can Be Fun For All!

In my house, stuffed toys are the dogs’ favorite.  They do like other toys, but plush dog toys are THE BEST.  (According to them.)  Watching my dogs play with their Phat Phriends toys is hilarious.  Shaking the toys to oblivion is my favorite activity to watch.  One of my guys will actually toss the toy into the air and then pounce on it.  We sometimes prefer watching the dogs to t.v.!

Large plush dog toys or small, it doesn’t matter – they all do great.  That is of course until the squeakers need replacing.  Replacement sqeekers (as I’ve seen it spelt on some websites) for dog toys can be found, and changing them out isn’t too difficult, as long as you can thread a needle.

Chuck-it dog plush toys are another favorite in this house.  The Flying Squirrel especially.  It throws like a Frisbee, and since the paws have bright colors, it whips the dogs into a frenzy to chase it down.  And because it floats, we use it down at the lake at our country place all the time.  Not all toys float, so check that before using in water – if you want the toy back of course!

All the toys I mention (and many many more) can be bought at the stores I recommend on the Dog Toys page.  Go pick up some new stuffed toys for your dogs, I guarantee they’ll thank you with hours of viewing pleasure!


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