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Souper Puppy Nylabones are Super!

If you’re looking for a great chew toy for your puppy or dog, consider the Nylabone chew.  They come in a huge variety of sizes, like the Souper Nylabone and flavors and considering how long lasting and durable they are, they are quite inexpensive.  They really do last for a very long time - we have some that have been around for 3 years, though our dogs don’t spend a lot of time with them because they have so many toys to choose from.  Yes, our dogs are spoiled :)

Nylabone products are made from plastic and are impregnated with different flavors (described below) that are safe for your dog to chew.  They are also great for improving tooth strength and cleanliness and safe.  There will be little slivers that come off the Nylabone, but they pass safely through your dog’s system.

Here are just a few of all the available options:


  • Petite, 3.75” in length, for toy dogs or light chewers.
  • Regular, 4.5” in length for small dogs or medium chewers.
  • Wolf, 5.5” in length for medium dogs or slightly heavy chewers.
  • Giant, 7.75” in length for large dogs or heavy chewers.
  • Souper, 8” in length for very large dogs or very heavy chewers.


  • Natural
  • Chicken
  • Liver
  • Chocolate

They also have a large choice of shapes and strengths.  The favorite for our puppies is the Souper Nylabone chicken flavored flexible chew.  Whichever one you end up choosing, be sure and pick it up from the stores we recommend on the Dog Toys page to get the best prices online.  There are always specials going on so you’ll never pay too much.  Happy shopping!


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