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Getting a "Smart Toy" for Your Dog Is a Great Idea!

Smart toys for dogs.  What does that mean exactly?  Well, that term usually refers to toys that challenge your dog intellectually, rather than just chewing on a squeaky toy.  One of the best examples of a “smart toy” would be the I-Qube.

The I-Qube is a plush cubed toy with cut-outs on all sides.  There are 4 plush balls (not tennis balls) that squeak that come inside the cube.  The idea is for your dog to get the balls OUT of the cube.  I must admit, my dogs prefer the balls (i.e. dropping them down the stairs, over and over and over again), but I haven’t really taken the time to “show” them how to play with it.  My sister-in-laws dogs do very well with the I-Qube though, so it’s just my dogs, don’t worry.

Another favorite in our house are the “talking” toys.  They usually come in different styles like balls or plush toys.  You can record your own voice and place treats inside.  Your dog will go nuts with these durable and interactive toys.  These dog toys will certainly challenge your dog’s mind!

Did you know that playing fetch can be considered “smart” for your dog?  So throwing a frisbee or a ball is definitely intelligent play.  Most games or toys that you and your dog play together will stimulate their brains.  So get to it!  Stop by our Dog Toys page for all the best smart toys for your dog!


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