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Keep Your Pet Safe With a Dog Car Harness!

Iíve noticed a lot of people are searching for the Petsafe dog car harness.  So have I, with no luck so far.  Petsafe does have something similar, a booster seat for your dog so they can see better out the window.  You can attach it with the seatbelt so it stays securely in place, and they do recommend using an optional car harness.

If you absolutely want a Petsafe car harness, I canít help you.  But I can recommend other great manufacturers to buy from, and when youíre ready, head over to the Dog Supplies page to buy.

Consider the Four Paws safety seat vest harness.  It securely keeps your pet in place using your carís seatbelt.  Your pet wonít be able to fall over due to sudden stops or sharp turns, and they wonít be able to climb in the front seat either.  That was a common problem with our dogs.

Thereís also the Aspen canine seat belt.  Made from soft nylon, itís adjustable so it will easily fit your dogís contours.  It also doubles as a walking harness.  Seems to me thatís a great deal Ė I love a 2 for 1 special!  The nylon is made with fray resistant components, an extra bonus.

There are other options out there, these are just a couple.  Do your homework and decide which one would suit you and your dog best.  Just make sure to get a dog car harness and keep your pet safe!


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