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The Rainbow Nylabone Frisbee is a Great Way to Play!

One of my dogsí (both dogs) favorite toys is the Rainbow Nylabone Frisbee.  After hearing a lot about said Frisbee, I did a search for it online.  Imagine my surprise to find out it wasnít multicolored!  Itís made by Nylabone, so you KNOW itís great quality.   It has a Gumbone on the top of the Frisbee so itís very easy for your dog to pick up.

Playing Frisbee is an excellent way to get your dog to exercise (and you too!) as well as a great way to teach them to fetch, an important quality for so many reasons Ė not just for getting the paper.  And since itís made by Nylabone, it means they can safely chew on it to their hearts content! 

Just make sure to not throw it AT your dog Ė the material Nylabone uses to make the Rainbow Nylabone Frisbee - much like other Nylabone products - isnít feather light and could cause pain.  Used properly of course, itís a wonderful toy for you and your dog to share many hours of fun!

Some of the best stores online carry the Rainbow Nylabone Frisbee at fantastic prices.  Visit the Dog Toys page for more information and links to these great stores!


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