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Leather and Rhinestone Collars Are So Chic!

One of our current dogs is a female Chinese Shar-pei, also known as the “wrinkled dogs”, whom I love to spoil.  It’s hard to find this size of dogs’ clothing, but I have lots of fun buying all kinds of different collars for her, since those are so easy to find!  My current favorite is a leather and rhinestone collar.  More specifically, it’s black leather with little pink rhinestone bones all around it.  No one mistakes her for a male anymore, that’s for sure!

The great thing about a leather collar is that they are so durable.  And while a collar with rhinestones on it is definitely not meant to be worn 24 hours a day, I’ve had this one for a few months, and none of the little crystals are missing!  I’m probably going to get a similar one in pink leather with clear stones on it for when we’re going somewhere a little fancier. 

Lots of people think I’m silly for wanting to put fancy rhinestone collars on my dog – ruff ruff to them!  I think it’s a fun way to play dressup, and to be fair, these fancy collars look fabulous on her.  So pooh-pooh the pooh-pooh’ers and go to the Dog Clothes page and pick up a collar or two for your favorite pooch – you won’t regret it!


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