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Winter Can Be Fun with Extra Warm Dog Coats!

Winter with a small dog is no fun.  They tend to get so cold that you canít take them outside for longer than it takes to do, well, you know :)  There is a way to help fix that problem though Ė get them an extra warm dog coat!  There are many, many varieties available today, and they arenít ugly either!  You can get stylish dog coats so your pup wonít be hanging their head in shame.

Fleece or fleece lined dog winter coats are very popular these days, for good reason.  Theyíll keep your dog toasty warm without the weight that some other fabrics have.  Itís so soft, your dog wonít scratch or bite at the coat to get it off.  Fleece can be easily dyed also, meaning you can get the look you want.  And best of all, itís quite inexpensive!

Nylon is another common choice too.  Because itís so sturdy, and often water repellant (though they tend to lack a little in the style department) nylon can be a perfect choice for your dog.  To make sure itís extra warm, try to find a fleece or wool lined version.  Thankfully, thatís not too hard to find.

If you donít mind spending a little more, you can also find shearling or wool dog coats without much effort.  They are definitely beautiful and stylish dog coats, but as mentioned, they will usually be more expensive than a nylon or fleece dog coat.  Let your budget decide.

If youíd like to buy an extra warm dog coat for your dog, visit the Dog Clothes page for links to stores with the best prices and biggest choices.  Happy Shopping!


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