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Dog Toys

You’re obviously looking for dog toys if you ended up at this page.  The good news is we’ve scoured the net for the best stores online for purchasing dog toys, and at great prices, to save you the hard work of separating the wheat from the chaff.

Items like the rainbow Nylabone Frisbee, dog toys shaped in an eight, puppy latex fish toys and so on.  To get a good price on dog toys, you might want to also consider discontinued items, like discontinued squeaky dog toys.

Some of our dogs’ favorite toys include the cheeky squeaky pets by Nylabone, tennis ball stuffed animal dog toys, and any dog toy that squeaks or rattles.  When our keeshond was a puppy, he particularly loved his puppy latex fish toys, and some natural nontoxic dog toys I was able to find.  Most stuffed toys for dogs do well in our home.

When you first bring your puppy home, don’t go crazy buying 2 of every kind of toy.  Your breeder or animal shelter contact will be able to tell you what toys your dog prefers, and as he gets older you can introduce different toys.  Don’t panic if your dog doesn’t love every new toy – ours mainly ignore those that don’t squeak or rattle – but a friend’s dogs just adore the so-called “smart toys for dogs.”  Each dog has it’s own taste.

To pick up some more toys for your favorite furry four-legger, visit the links below for some of the top online stores! features Toys-by Breed selected especially for your breed of dog.  Honestly, I think they have THE best selection of toys, from squeakers to chew toys - including the ever elusive Rainbow Nylabone Frisbee! I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for.  And ships to Canada!

Dog Toys at PETsMART
Great selections of dog toys at nice prices. Everything from Kong toys to vinyl toys to dog frisbees!  Their prices are great too - and they ship to Canada!

For our U.K. and Euro readers: - All Your Dog Toy Needs Are Covered
As it says above, all kinds of dog toys and treats, with cheap shipping rates!


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