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Dog Cook Book For Fundraisers?  Great idea!

If you are a looking for a good raffle or door prize for your next SPCA/dog shelter, etc, fundraiser, consider a Dog Cook book.  With great dog food recipes, dog treat recipes, home made dog food recipes, and more, any dog owner would love this kind of book.  You can also make a few samples from the recipes and sell those as well.

Some examples of what you might find:

  • All natural home made dog food recipes
  • All kinds of dog treats – some for plaque removal, low fat dog treats and more!
  • Inexpensive dog treat recipes with no added salt or preservatives
  • Dog treat/food recipes with ingredients you probably already have!

The best thing about these books – the price!  All the ones I found were well under $20.  You’ll probably even want one for yourself.  I have a few of them and for the most part, I make all my own treats.  The favorite dog treats in this house include anything with peanut butter, and they are very easy to cook yourself.

If you want to pick up a dog cook book for fundraisers (or just for yourself), visit the Dog Books page for some links to stores that sell them, at great prices!


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