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Bernese Mountain Dog Clothes - Not So Easy to Find!

Bernese Mountain dogs are a beautiful breed.  They are also big dogs, as Iím sure you know.  Because of this, itís virtually impossible to find clothes that will fit them.  Just to clear up any misconceptions, you wonít be putting your Burmese (as some people call them) in a cutesy little t-shirt or dress Ė no one makes these kinds of clothes for dogs as big as Bernese Mountain dogs.  What you can expect to find is detailed below. 


  • Dog coats: nothing fancy, but if youíre taking your dog somewhere cold in winter, they are very serviceable and not unattractive. carries them in 5 colors.  These coats are water repellant and fleece lined for extra comfort, and attach with Velcro.  Make sure to have your dogís measurements handy before ordering to get the right size.  Youíll need the neck (around), back (length), and girth (around their chest behind the front legs).


  • Lifejackets: again, not a pretty article of clothing per se, but very useful if you plan on taking your dog out on your boat or swimming.  For this as well youíll need back and girth measurements Ė you donít want a lifejacket floating off your beautiful Bernese when itís most critical.  It has a handle you can use to help lift your dog and a leash can also be attached.  Made of nylon Ė meaning itís going to last and available in two colors, your dog should never be anywhere near water without one!


  • Reflective vests: very, very handy for dark colored dogs.  A friend of ours has a black lab and when you go camping with a black dog, they are very easy to lose Ė sometimes even trip over or step on!  They bought a reflective vest and voila! - no more lost dog.  Itís designed more for hunting dogs, but when you have a black dog like a Bernese, you want all the help you can get.

Thatís about it.  Manufacturers of dog clothes simply donít see a market in ďbig and tallĒ for dogs.  And letís be honest here Ė would you REALLY put a pink polka dot dress on your Bernese Mountain dog?  Spare both you and your dog the embarrassment and get him (or her) a nice coat or vest.  Visit our Dog Clothes page or the link above to to buy any of the products listed above.  Happy shopping!


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