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The BARF Spreadsheet Will Help You Keep Track

If youíve decided that feeding BARF to your dog is the way to go but you want a way to keep track of your dogís weight - how much to feed total (for when you buy everything) and how much you feed of each individual food like the raw meaty bones, organ meats, vegetables and so on Ė you might want to consider a BARF spreadsheet.

There is an excellent spreadsheet created by Lauri and Mike Stromberg of that will provide all that and more!  Download it here.  (It's 794 KB so if you're on dialup it might take a few minutes.)  After downloading the spreadsheet Ė itís only 794 KB Ė you then open it and start inputting your dogís information.  This would include his goal weight and his current weight.

Once thatís done youíll enter the different percentages of the foods you want to feed.  The example in the spreadsheet has 65% raw meaty bones, 35% muscle meat, 5% organ meat and 0% vegetables.  This of course is up to you to tweak as you find necessary for your dogís health.

If you have multiple dogs, itís not a problem.  The spreadsheet can accommodate up to 12 dogs.  If you have more, simply save a duplicate version (with a slightly different name) to your hard drive and start again.

This has helped us immensely when we first started feeding RAW.  With only 2 dogs, weíve since stopped using it as itís now become old hat for us.  But we know people who still use it all the time and swear by it.  It will definitely get you off to a good start.  If you need to buy the food pre-packaged, a meat grinder (youíll want one of commercial grade, or at least one designed for the BARF diet), scale or other accoutrements, visit our Dog Food page for links to stores that sell those items.


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