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My Take on the 10 Best Dry Dog Foods

Here’s my list of the 10 best dry dog foods available today.  This is of course my opinion only – your mileage may vary.  In decending order, #1 being my personal favorite:

10.  Nature’s Recipe – with great natural ingredients and lots of special formulas for    different size and ailments, Nature’s Recipe dog food is a great choice.

9.  Science Diet – their tag line is “Complete and balanced nutrition for every stage of life.”  This is true.  Good ingredients combined with food designed for each period in a dog’s life, you can’t go wrong with Science Diet.

8.  Royal Canin – They have food designed for specific breeds at specific stages of their lives.  Great if you have the breed the food is for!

7.  Bil-Jac – I’ve never personally tried their food, but I’ve heard great things, and if their liver treats are any indication, the food HAS to be good!  My dogs go NUTS for those liver treats!

6.  Eukanuba – Great brand for large breed dogs.  They have many different formulas for the different stages in a large breed’s life.  They are well recognized as being one of the best premium brands available.

5.  Iams – also one of the best known brands with good reason.  Iams’ offers high-quality dry food in many different formulas.

4.  Wysong – Wysong is probably not a very well known brand, but they should be.  Very high quality food, and around the same price as other premium brands, and they even offer vegan food for your dog.

3.  Breeder’s Choice – Fantastic food and if you dog has allergies to corn, wheat or soy, this is the food for you – there is none of the above in their food.

2.  Solid Gold – Many breeders I know make this their food of choice.  That says it all to me – if a serious breeder and show person recommends this food, you KNOW it has to be good.

1.  Nutro Natural Choice – The reason I feed this food to my dogs is because while several breeders recommended Solid Gold to me, even more said Nutro.  With a Chinese Shar-pei, you need to be very careful of the protein levels in the food.  Nutro’s Lamb and Rice formula is perfect for my dogs.

There you have it.  Keep doing your research, but those are my favorites.  If you’d like to pick up some food for your dog, visit our Dog Food page for the best places to buy.




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